The role of the equipment that our company has is important since it is the means by which we achieve independence and efficiency in the execution of all the projects we undertake.

The equipment we currently have consists of:

  • 2 GAYK 1000 mounters, used in the placement of the stakes, with the possibility of yielding from 200 to 400 piles per day per machine. The variation in performance depends on the soil and weather conditions we face in the execution of a project.
  • JCB excavator, with which we carry out all the digging work needed in a project,
  • DAF 3-axle truck, used to transport bulky items and our equipment,
  • personnel and small tool transport truck


  • personnel carriers and small tools.

The mechanical equipment we have is constantly enriched and updated to contribute more and more to our efficient and quality work. The freedom that the ownership of this equipment offers us is a privilege that translates into keeping to the schedules and agreements we make with our customers.